COVID-19 Student Hardship

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The financial strain that the COVID-19 crisis is placing on our students is unprecedented. More than 1 in 4 undergraduate students at the University of Glasgow already come from low-income backgrounds. So as you can imagine the impact of the current crisis across our student body will be significant.

The Student Hardship Fund provides a source of help for students facing the worst financial effects of the crisis. Since March alone, the Student Hardship Fund has provided over £1M in crisis funding. This funding has supported students across the whole community. However the fund is now virtually exhausted, and the need continues to grow.

Some of the most vulnerable students have no family network they can turn to for support. Many have caring responsibilities for family members made harder by isolation and financial strain. For many others, the loss of part-time work has been crippling. With the lack of income making it difficult to cover rent and basic living costs which could lead to long-term debt and instability. The Student Hardship Fund provides a lifeline to all students at a time when it is most needed.

If you could support with a gift £50 you would help cover the cost of food and basic supplies for a student for the week. If you could give £200 this would give them security of basic supplies for the month. A gift of £500 would mean you helped enable a student to pay their rent or source a laptop to enable home study.

Your support will help students to navigate the immediate and long-term effects this crisis presents.

Thank You.

Quote from Dr Neil Croll, Head of Widening Participation: "Thank you for the funds for our most vulnerable students – I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that this financial aid is almost life-saving at this time when people have nothing to live off, a lack of part-time work available and little prospect of aid from elsewhere.”

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